Neon Sisters

(This song is for a friend because I never had a chance to tell him)

Neon, we were the neon sisters
Standing in the cold rain
Waiting for a home game
Neon, the neon sisters
Up and down the M1
95 and then some
Midnight for the neon sisters
And London was a bombsight
Frozen in the moonlight
And honey for the neon sisters
Honey came in all shapes
Pinafore and a snowflake
And you borrow from dream-mongers
And then you live to be 100
And you share the spoils you plunder
Until the day you wake up hungering for neon

Then where were the neon sisters?
Reeling from a cowpunch
Looking for a free lunch
Anywhere the wind blows the club for heroes
Blew me into Hollywood
Blew you to skid row

But I should have been there with you
The night you died
I think a part of me died with you
But in my heart
Where could I find it to forgive you?
Until the night
You went and stuck a dirty needle in your vein

Of all the fires
That ever thawed a cooling planet
Yours burned bright
With no chemical fan to it
So tell me why
If there's a good and there's an evil
On one of those nights
Did you stick a dirty needle in your vein?