Screen Kiss
Miller time at the bar where all the English meet
She used to drink in the hills
only now she drinks in the valleys
where every road has a name like Beachwood Avenue, or so it seems
a Croydon girl could really hope to find a home
but with a thousand miles of real estate to choose from
you begin to see the value of your freedom...
The moon is bright in the haze above old Hollywood
deer look down from the hills
it's three o'clock in the morning
pill in hand you can hear his golden surfer boys
crying out mummy won't come out of the bathroom
and you'd hoped he'd say he's sorry if he hit you
but he's buried in the screenplay of his feature

Screen kiss, one screen kiss
straight from a film I forget who was in
screen kiss, one screen kiss
blue filter lens in a pool of vaseline
but all the rushes look the same
only there's a movie I wouldn't pay to see again
if it's the one with him in

You and I could be a mile above the earth tremors
hold to me and we'll climb
you could sneak out while he's sleeping
suicide in the hills above old Hollywood
is never going to change the world
never change it overnight
any more than the invention of the six-gun
any more than the discovery of Radium
or California tipping in the ocean