Europa And The Pirate Twins
I was fourteen
she was twelve
father travelled - hers as well - Europa...
down the beaches
hand in hand
twelfth of never on the sand
then war took her away
we swore a vow that day:
we'll be the Pirate Twins again, Europa
oh my country
I'll stand beside you in the rain, Europa
ta republique...
nine years after who'd I see
on the cover of a magazine? Europa...
buy her singles and see all her films
paste her pictures on my windowsill
but that's noy quite the same - it isn't, is it?
Europa my old friend...
blew in from the hoveport
she was back in London
I pushed past the papermen
calling her name
she smiled for the cameras
as a bodyguard grabbed me
then her eyes were gone for ever
as they drove her away.