Some nights he's weightless
he has to travel
his mouth is gravel
and there's an empty feeling within his heart...
Eye on the fuelguage
Westchester Thruway
that triple octane
won't contain the empty feeling in Dolby's heart...
Same old insecurity strap him into his carseat
and a sump started leaking all over New Jersey
gas stations everywhere -
not one drop to fill me.

Big hunk of carrot cake
blueberry milkshake
fistful of coldrex
won't fix the empty feeling in Lizzy's heart...
so she flicks on the TV
takes in a movie
but all those memories
won't erase the empty feeling from in her heart...
Then a dog woke inside her head to watch the explosion
and a pipe started leaking as she bent to the basin
fruit juice everywhere -
not one drop to fill me

'You could be the one' she whispered
'listen - love is all you've ever wanted
all you'll ever need.'

End of our summer
your body weightless in condensation
my heart learned to swim
and the feeling was gone again.