Thomas Dolby
Arranged in Chronological Order
Noise Dec82 C
over Picture Interview with Thomas Dolby
(with Kevin Armstrong and Matthew Seligm an)
from Noise No. 16, December 9-23, 1982 by Betty Page
Full page shot from Sma
sh Hits Feb84 The Appliance of Science by Dave Rimmer
from Smas h HITS 2-15 Feb 1984 Volume 6 Number 3
She Blinded Me With Science Video Shot Thomas Dolby by Lenny Kaye
from Rock Video September 84 Issue #5
Keyboard Jun 85 Cover frenzy and finesse backstage at the grammys with wonder, hancock dolby and jones
from Keyboard Jun 1985 by Bob Doerschuk
Electronic Musician Jun86 Cover Pictur
e Interview with Thomas Dolby by Craig Anderton
from Electronic Mu sician June 1986
Astronauts and Hereti
cs CD Cover Interview with Thomas Dolby
On the Edge - Westwood One Radio - December 19, 1992
Noise Dec82 Cover Picture Thomas in Drag by Thomas Dolby
from the Alloy Mailing List (07/24/2001)